Lymphactic Drain Therapy

Post-Op Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massages are offered in package sessions. Please ask about the breakdown of the packages and other services available for post operative surgery clients. 


About Massages!! They are very necessary so make sure you have budgeted for them like you did for your surgery, because they complete your final results.

Pre-op massages can be very beneficial before surgery. This will help loosen the bundles of fat tissue that has collected in areas like the abdomen, back, buttocks, bra roll, flanks, and thighs over time through weight loss and gain. Preparing the liposuction areas will make the fat easier to retract through the cannula during liposuction. It's not a must, but if you budget for your after care, I truly recommend the pre-op care as well. These massages should be done 4 weeks prior to surgery.

Massages should be maintained for the first year after surgery. Immediately after surgery you can do 1-3 a week for the first 2 months. Then 1 a week for 2-3 months, 2 a month for 1-2 months, then 1 a month until your first anniversary if you can afford to maintain this schedule, your results will be even more awesome and you will be more natural feeling and looking. But remember everyone heals differently. So it is important to maintain your vitamins and eat a healthy diet with plenty of water.

Rates/ Payments :

All massages sessions are done in packages. ( min 2 per session including pre-op sessions)

4 - 1 hr pre-op sessions  ($300)


Postop sessions

2-8 1 hr sessions $80

10-12 1 hr sessions $75

Private After Services Terms Out of State

To have my mobile massage aftercare one on one session out of state rates will include
Flight, accommodations, daily fee,transportation and massage.

(Rates are as follows)
Flat rate of $80 + $30 (daily fee prepaid)
5 (60+ min) pkg $400
7 (60+min) pkg  $560
10(60+min) pkg $800

All transactions are invoiced and cash transactions will receive a receipt via email. We accept CREDIT/DEBIT, CASH APP,  CASH ONLY.
All sessions are prepaid weekly or in full (OUT OF STATE  prepay daily fee) and appts prebooked each week prior to service day unless a schedule can be established during first session. Services are performed in the clients home ( or DESIGNATED PLACE OUT OF STATE) as this is a mobile massage business. For any reason a clients prefer to not have all services done in their home a location will be available upon availability. 


Appts are prebooked each week prior to service day. If you need to change or reschedule please do so 24 hr prior or there will be a non- cancellation fee of $25. If an appt is rescheduled more than 2 times a full session will be lost. Your services are appreciated and I look forward to doing business with you. My goal is to help others achieve healing naturally through therapeutic massage one touch at a time.

Thanks for choosing Massage By Dionne Allen

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