About Me

Massage Therapy has been a part of my life for the last 27yrs.

Over the years I have acquired several certifications for massage modalities, such as Bodyworks, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Swedish, Prenatal, Sports Massage and Hot Stone Massage. Among all the  different fields of massage that exist, my most used techniques falls under the therapeutic modality Medical Massage. Of the 27yrs, in the massage industry 18yrs consist of Medical Massage treatments for specific areas like, Neck & Back, Upper & Lower Extremities, and Postural Distortion up to Masters level. Over the last 10yrs, I've mastered and spent the majority of my practice on Manual Lymphatic Drain Therapy along with postoperative aftercare.

My certifications for medical massage were acquired from L.M.T Success Group. The extra hours I earned satisfied the requirements needed for national certification. As an independent Therapist, I have also owned and managed my own Day Spa for 8 years. A huge part of my life has consisted of helping others achieve healing naturally through therapeutic massage which is my passion and ultimate goal.